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Kenneth, Shirley, Jennetta, Daisy

Daisy, at 28
Daisy Ellen Kehrer
(grandma) age 28 

Matt & Daisy, grandparents
Matthew & Daisy and children.

Matt Kehrer
Matt Kehrer Retirement from General Motors (full picture) 
  Adrian, and parents Doris / Gene - aunt / uncle

Uncle Gene, Doris and daughter, Adrian.

Uncle Byford and Barbara his wife.

Information on photo color

Steve and Tosha

Gene, Shepie, and 2 Indian girls

My Great Uncle (Daisy's brother) -
Harvey Denham served in Germany during the Korean Conflict.

Mom at our lake in Carroll Co., TN in 1973.

Me at the lake in 1973.

Steve 9, & dog Gipsy

Mom - Shirley Guinn
Shirley (Kehrer) Guinn

Jennetta & Shirley 
(Aunt /Mom)

  Shirley Kehrer
Shirley Kehrer

Jennetta and Conda Brock
Aunt Jennetta and Conda Brock

Whitney Branson, daughter of Janet Brock, 1995.

mom's front yard
Shirley Guinn
Mom's front yard

Daisy (Denham) Kehrer

1982 Shirley and Billy Gruinn

Mom, and her husband, Billy Guinn in 1982.
Married March 1, 1982

Daisy at 39 years
Daisy Kehrer, 1960, age 39. Joliet, IL
Girls in Florida with a seal
Felicia, Tonya, Seal
in Florida, Summer 2005

Jennetta Kehrer Brock


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