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Balthasar "Baltes" Kehrer
was born December 19, 1788 in Gro▀ostheim, Unterfranken, Bayern, that is, "Bavaria", and died in Gro▀ostheim. He married MARGARETE BALLMANN January 13, 1817 in St Peter und Paul, Gro▀ostheim, daughter of JOCOK BALLMANN and ANNA CLEMENT. She was born October 10, 1794 in Gro▀ostheim, and died in Gro▀ostheim.

Johann "Adam" Kehrer
born August 13, 1823 in Großostheim, and died September 14, 1874 in Mascoutah, St Clair, Illinois
St Clair, IL Proof of Death Index p. 216; No. 862

Adam became a naturalized American citizen in 1844 in St. Clair Co., IL.

Because of the 5-year residency requirement for citizenship, Adam must have arrived in the U.S. no later than 1839. He turned 16 in 1839.

He married ANNA MARIA STAUB July 04, 1852 in St. Peter Catholic Church, Belleville, St. Clair Co., IL, daughter of JOSEPH STAAB and ELIZABETH EDELMANN.  She was born February 25, 1826 in Grünmorsbach, and died August 23, 1906 in Belleview, St. Clair Co., IL

Martin Kehrer
Martin Kehrer, April 27, 1861 - July 20, 1925
Born in Mascoutah, St. Clair Co., IL
Christening: Oct. 13, 1861 Mascoutah, St Clair, Illinois
1st marriage: Maria Celcia Dunnewald, May 2, 1887, Belleville, St. Clair Co., IL; she died about 1898.
2nd marriage: Mary Bruggen, May 14, 1901, St. Louis, MO

Martin was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Dahlgren, Hamilton Co., IL (lived 64 yrs.)

The Kehrer's spoke High German.

Martin Kehrer and Mary Bruggen
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St. Peter and Paul Church Grossostheim
St. Peter and Paul Church
Grossostheim, Germany

Lamentation by Tilman
This carving was in the parish since it was made in the year 1510

Martin Kehrer

Kehrer -  a German name meaning 1) someone living by a 'bend' in a road from the name, 'Kehr'.

It also could mean 2) a cleaner, from German,
keren, 'to sweep'.

Descendants of Balthasar Kehrer

Descendants of Johann Adam Kehrer Report

Kehrer Geneological Chart

1920 Hamilton Co. IL U.S. Census mentioning Martin Kehrer

1910 U.S. Census Decennial Census
Illinois, Hamilton County
Dahlgren Township
Kehrer, Martin head 49
Mary wife 27
Josephine daughter 14
Emma daughter 7
Mike son 5
Emelia daughter 2
Vern son 7/12

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Amelia and her children - photo
back row:
Emma Kehrer (Lovin) / Ben Bruggen / Frank Bruggen / Bill Bruggen / Bill’s wife, Kate / Amelia Kehrer (Stoltz)

front row:
Henry Bruggen / Anna Bruggen / Mary Kehrer, holding baby, Otis Kehrer / Jane Kehrer (Lovin) / Martin Kehrer, holding, Frank Kehrer / Matthew Kehrer

Martin Kehrer's 1st Marriage:

Maria Cecilia Dunnewald, 1869-1898 (lived abt. 29 yrs.)
Cecilia was born in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO.
She married Martin Kehrer, May 2, 1887 in Belleville, St. Clair Co., IL

Children of:
Martin Kehrer and Maria Cecilia Duennewald
  1st middle perferred name   b. d. lived
1 Adeline   Adeline
2 Mary Irene Irene Fred Schlag (3/29/1876-1/23/1966) May 22, 1889 November 4, 1979 90
3 George   George        
4 Matthew   Matthew        
5 Mary Josephine Josephine Ruby Furman Kern (3/11/1893-3/7/1922)(m.1917) 1895 1976 81
6 Amelia   Amelia        

Martin Kehrer's 2nd marriage (Marriage: abt. 1900):
Mary Bruggen: May 17, 1882 - December 17, 1963 (lived 81 yrs.)

Children of: Martin Kehrer and Mary Bruggen
birth order first name middle / aka. married b. d. lived
1 Emma   Vernon Lovin
January 2, 1903 October 29, 1990 87
2 Edwin Michael / aka. Mike Anna Belle -- January 2, 1905 October 1976 71
3 Amelia aka. Millie (1) Sammy Stoltz
(2) Victor Cochran 
October 20, 1906 Jan. 6, 2008 100
4 Vernon aka. Verne Rosa Carrie Franzman January 18, 1910 January 21, 2004 94
5 Matthew aka. Matt Daisy Ellen Denham February 20, 1913 April 9, 1999 86
6 Mary aka. Jane (1) Louie Lovin
(2) Earl F. Horton
March 10, 1916 Sept. 15, 2000 84
7 Frank   Geneva Capps
August 28, 1918 July 9, 1994 75
8 Otis   Dorthy -- September 22, 1920 October 15, 1994 74


Edwin Mike & Mary Jane are buried in FLINT AKA I.O.O.F. CEMETERY     Belle Rive,IL  Pendleton twp.

Kehrer,Frank Aug.28,1918 Jul.9,1994
Kehrer,Geneva - -
Bethel Cemetery, Dodds Twp.

Martin and Mary Kehrer are buried in the
Pleasant  Hill Cemetery
Missionary Baptist
Dahlgren Township, Sec. 28
Hamilton County, IL

Name Birth Death Other
Kehrer, Alvin April 18, 1923 April 18, 1923
Kehrer, Martin April 27, 1861 July 20, 1925
Kehrer, Mary May 17, 1882 December 17, 1963 w/o Martin

The child, Alvin Kehrer: April 18, 1923 - April 18, 1923 could be one of the still born boys of Mary Kehrer in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. There is no conflict in the dates of births. Grandma said that Martin Kehrer had 8 kids by Mary Bruggen & 2 still born boys.

Mike Kehrer

Otis Kehrer - WW2

Mary Bruggen is the 2nd wife of Martin Kehrer and second group of children.
1 Emma 1903
2 Edwin Mike "Mike" 1905
3 Vernon "Verne" 1910 - farmer, Woodlawn, IL: 2 boys
4 Amelia "Millie" - (only one living), Married twice: Stolkes & Cochran, 4 children, 3 girls, a boy.
a son died. Youngest daughter died at 3 or 4 years old. Daisy Kehrer has a picture of her.
5 Matthew 2/20/1913 - retired from GM's Locomotive Division, La Grange, IL
6 Mary Jane "Jane" 1916 - Married twice: Lovin & Horton
7 Frank 1918
8 Otis 1920

The Kehrer's were Raised in Hamilton Co. // Grandma, Daisy Denham was raised in Jefferson Co. They did not know each other when growing up.

Matthew Kehrer

was born February 20, 1913, Dahlgren, Hamilton Co., IL

Married: Daisy Ellen Denham, June 14, 1939, St. Louis, MO.

Daisy was born in West Frankfort, IL, July 7, 1921.
Homemaker, 13 years at the American Institute of Laundering, Joliet , IL.
Worked over 10 years for Hillhaven nursing home, Huntingdon, TN
Died, January 9, 2007 in Huntingdon, TN.
Burial: Carroll Memorial Gardens, McKenzie, TN

Matt retired from General Motors Locomotive Division, La Grange, IL
He worked previously, in (railroad) "car shops" in
Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Co., Mt. Vernon, IL and
then General Motors car shop, Evansville, IN.

Died: April 9, 1999 in Huntingdon, TN
Burial: Carroll Memorial Gardens, McKenzie, TN

Matthew & Daisy Kehrer Family

Children of:
Matthew Kehrer and Daisy Ellen Denham

birth order First Name middle month year
1 Byford   5 1940
2 Gene L. 9 1941
3 Shirley A. 8 1942
4 Jennetta A. 1 1945
5 Kenneth W. 7 1946
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Technology and the family

Daisy's dad, Fred Denham, hung a bucket of milk and butter in the well to keep it cold. It was a bad well with little water, but it as a good cool place. He hung the bucket in the dry cool air of the well. Daisy remembers this when she was a young girl (born 1921).

When she was a little older they got an ice box, that is,
a wooden box where you placed a block of ice. It had drains in it for the melted ice to run off.

When 1st married, Matt and Daisy had an ice box, too.

When the kids were still young they bought their first refrigerator. It had a coin slot on it, to pay for it. They bought the General Electric refrigerator from a store in Mount Vernon. It wasn't paid off so, it had a coin box until it was paid off. One had to put a quarter a day in it. They got the frig after buying the McPherson place (just down from Sugar Camp Church)- 70 acres and a house. The kids were young then. They took the GE frig up to Joliet with them in 1955.
ice box and frig source: Grandma, Daisy Kehrer, Sat., June 3, 2006 on the telephone.

Daisy Kehrer didn't have a radio until after she was married (June 14, 1939). The family received the 1st telephone southern IL. It was on a party line in southern IL. When they moved to Joliet, the telephone had a private line.

At Benton St. Joliet, IL, at Christmas in 1955 or 1956 they bought a big television for the living room downstairs.

Daisy Denham and Matt Kehrer were married in St. Louis, MO: June 14, 1939. Moved to up north, to Lockport, (a few months) then, Joliet, IL when Ken was 9 years old (birthday 9/46). i.e., 1955.

source: Grandma, Daisy Kehrer, Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006 on the telephone.


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Mary Irene KEHRER and Fred SCHLAG married June 30, 1909 in Clinton Co., IL.
Son, Arthur J. Schlag, b. November 4, 1914; d. February 20, 1999.
Bride's Surname Bride's Given Name Maiden Name Groom's Surname Groom's Given Name Marriage Date Book Page Certificate #
KEHR Josephine   WITTIG Herman F 09/25/1890 1 146 1079
KEHRER Frances   BACHMANN Henry C 2/2/1913 3 191 339
KEHRER Mary   JOELLENBECK Fred H 5/3/1911 3 169 50
KEHRER Mary Irene   SCHLAG Fred 6/30/1909 3 146 1108
KEHRER Annie   SCHWARTZ Benjamin 2/4/1913 3 191 338

Clinton County IL Marriages

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