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Parents of Mary Bruggen

John Henry & Anna T. Bruggen
Married: June 22, 1880
Photo taken before 5/28/1927.
My Great Great Grandparents

John Henry and Anna T. Bruggen from Mascoutah, IL

The name Bruggen: A German habitational name. Brüggen. One variant spelling is Brueggen.

Father: Tobias Bruggen
Mother: Rosina Ficker
Child: John Henry Bruggen, born 4-12-1853 in Germantown, Clinton Co., Illinois
Father: W. Wilkens
Mother: T. Wessels
Child: Anna T. Wilkens, born 5-19-1860 in Saint Libory, St. Clair Co., Illinois

The Bruggen's spoke Low German.
Grandma Daisy Kehrer said that they lived nearer to Holland, from northern Germany, and the language had a Dutch influence.

JOHN HENRY BRUGGEN was born April 12, 1853 in Germantown, Clinton Co., IL, and died May 28, 1927 in Jefferson Co., IL.

He married ANNA T. WILKENS June 22, 1880 in Clinton Co., IL (book 1, page 32, license 402).

She was born May 19, 1860 in Saint Libory, St. Clair Co., IL, and died July 11, 1941 in Jefferson Co., IL.

Children of J. Henry Bruggen and Anna Wilkens Are:

Mary Bruggen, b. May 17, 1882; d. December 17, 1963.
William Bruggen, b. September 17, 1885; d. April 1971, Jefferson Co., Il; M. Katie.
Bernard "Ben" J. Bruggen, b. January 4, 1890; d. September 1, 1969, Army.
Franklin J. Bruggen, b. July 13, 1892; d. June 11, 1947, WWII.


From the grave stone:
Bruggen, Henry J. 4-12-1853 5-28-1927, lived 74 years.
Bruggen, Anna T. 5-19-1860 7-11-1941, lived 81 years.
Flint AKA I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Belle Rive, Jefferson Co., IL

Grandma Daisy Kehrer verified that this is them.

John Henry Bruggen perferred to be called Henry.


Married: June 22, 1880
Anna was 20, Henry was 27 yrs. old

1880 United States Census, Census Place: Breese, Clinton Co., Illinois

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Henry BRUGGEN  Self   S   Male   W   26   IL   Farmer   PRU   PRU 
Anna WILKENS  Other   S   Female   W   19   IL   Housekeeper   PRU   PRU 
Jasper BRUGGEN  Other   Male   W   22   IL   Works On Farm   PRU   PRU 
George LOUNCH  Other   Male   W   36   ---   Works On Farm   ---   --- 

Calculating 1880 Census dates:
26 -> 1854
19 -> 1861
--> They appear to be the same people who moved to Jefferson Co., IL.

PRU - Prussia was a former state in north-central Germany.
Prussia was abolished by allies after WWII. It was incorporated into Germany and Russia..

Daisy Kehrer said the Bruggen's spoke Low German and lived closer to the border of Holland.
(Martin Kehrer's family spoke High German and originally lived closer to the border of France.)


Bride's Surname
Bride's Given Name
Maiden Name
[apparently, if different]
Groom's Surname
Groom's Given Name
Marriage Date
Certificate #
Anna T
John H

from Clinton County Marriages


Henry and Anna Bruggen's children were Mary, Bill, Ben, and Frank.

Bill and Kattie, his wife, had no children. They lived north of Belle Rive, IL.

Are these Ben and Frank's graves?:
Bruggen, Bernard J. 1-4-1890 9-1-1969 Army
Bruggen, Franklin J. 7-13-1892 6-11-1947 WWI
Flint AKA I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Belle Rive, IL


Grandson, Matthew Kehrer (February 20, 1913 - April 9, 1999) remembered,
that Grandma Bruggen often complained about a broken arm -- long after the event was over.

They were Matthew Kehrer's grandparents on his mother, Mary Bruggen's, side.

If you know or have any information,
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John Sarkozi

Mary Bruggen
Mary Bruggen
My Great Grandmother

This is Mary Bruggen (May 17, 1882 - December 17, 1963).

The Bruggens were Catholic, and this picture is from a religious setting.

Mary Bruggen later married Martin Kehrer (April 27, 1861 - July 20, 1925).

Children of Martin Kehrer and Mary Bruggen were
1 Emma, 2 Edwin Michael, 3 Amelia, 4 Vernon, 5 Matthew, 6 Mary, 7 Frank, 8 Otis.

Martin and Mary Kehrer are buried in the
Pleasant  Hill Cemetery
Missionary Baptist
Dahlgren Township, Sec. 28
Hamilton County, IL


Mary Bruggen

regular size / large size

back row:
Emma Kehrer (Lovin) / Ben Bruggen / Frank Bruggen / Bill Bruggen / Bill’s wife, Kate / Amelia Kehrer (Stoltz)

front row:
Henry Bruggen / Anna Bruggen / Mary Kehrer, holding baby, Otis Kehrer / Jane Kehrer (Lovin) / Martin Kehrer, holding, Frank Kehrer / Matthew Kehrer


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