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Ron Tsang from Hong Kong came to visit in August 1999.  He visited for about 2 weeks and it was great to 
see him.  He lived here and completed Western Kentucky University about 7 years ago.  He received a B.A. in Business. 
We became great friends at that time.  I didn't realize how long that has been but I was so happy to see him.  Such a funny guy.  He works in ministry with Saint Stephen's Society in Hong Kong, assisting through God's power, to help those who are breaking bondage to drugs. 

Ron and 2 friends who serve at St. Stephen's Society


A book Ron recommended: 
Book: Chasing the Dragon
Author: Pullinger, Jackie
Publishing Date: 10/1980 | Publisher: Servant Publications
Binding: Paperback | ISBN: 0892831510

Ron and friends in Hong Kong

Ms. Shiu Yue Mak and Ron Tsang

Jimmy Bradbury

Justin Kratts

This summer there was a fire on Kentucky Street, at the old "Alamo" apartments.  My power was off in my house so I just decided to take pictures of it, and make the best of it. 




myself in 1985 at Proctor Court

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