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Andrew Prince
Andrew Prince

Lamar and Kim Miller Wedding:

Sarkozi in a tuxedo at wedding
Lamar posing at his wedding reception
Sarks and Richard Miller


Seattle Trip:
Puget Sound and a boat
Puget Sound and rocks
Camp Casey

 Richard C. Miller

Sarks in a portrait, March 1997

Sarks Picture on front of Home Page, full size

FCA in my Kitchen

Mom and Felicia

Toyota Truck

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

Sarks at Work

Tim Bishchoff and Joel Gerdis

Johnny Grant, former college roommate

Eric Beason, my roommate

Donna Vincent, co-worker

Motherboard to Computer

Swish Brian Martin (Camp out)

FCA Campout - Packing to Leave (Camp out)

FCA Campout - Packing up the Tent (Camp out)

FCA Skit - Charlie, Jeremy, Carlos, & Eric

Jimmy & Jen

Tony Miller


Joe Miller

Mark Pollock - Rock Expert
listen to the Wisdom of Geologic Exploration at work (RealAudio)

Christian Student Fellowship
Ron Tsang, John Grant, Lamar Miller, Tom Springer, Rob Roundtree


Brandon Sanders
(Camp out) 

Ron Tsang

Richard C. Miller

Jeremy Tucker


John Sanborn

Mike Avella baptized

Lamar Miller

Eric Haley

Tommy Johnson

Angelo R.

Christian Band, Emmaus -
Eric Haley, Michael Stewart, Lamar Miller, Richard Miller (soundman), Chris Hudgins, David Stokes.

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