Class Notes: VAX/VMS CLASS- THURS., MARCH 30, 1995

To send mail off campus (or on campus):

Mail> mx%"username@domain"
example: Mail> mx%""

$mxalias -- to set up a file of address, so you don't have to type
them every time that you send e-mail. You set up a nickname for
the the person. EXAMPLE: 'SARKS' IS ''.

Type the nickname after the send> prompt; the computer does the
rest as long as the nickname is in you mxalias list.

mxalias> comands: (add) (remove) (modify) (directory/full), etc.

                             Various Commands

NOTICE to read system notices to users.

ctrl/z gets out of mail, news, etc. and back to the $.

"up arrow" shows you all you have typed in

ctrl/y will stop an endless loop

ctrl/c for stopping programs

                  Locating Others on Vax or Other Places

SHOW USERS will show all the current users of vax system

ctrl/s will stop a scrolling screen

ctrl/q will start scrolling, after a ctrl/s had been used.

SHOW USERS/P shows current users of vax system, one page at a time

SHOW USERS/FULL/P FULL makes computer show what particular process
each person is running.

FINGER command === $fi [username] will show if a particular user is
logged onto vax. It will do all current users of vax.

$fi [username]@[domain-name] you must use a domain-name for people
other than WKU.

$SHOW QUOTA will show how much disk space you have available. The
vax system will not warn you that you have used it all. It will
lockup your account when overfull.

$DIR will show you your directory of files on vax.

$EDIT [complete-file-name] will let you read &/or edit a file.

$CLEAN will let you delete duplicates of files you have.
It asks you if you want to do so.

$PURGE will delete duplicates like CLEAN command does, but will not
ask you. It just does it all.


                             Books on Computer

$VTBOOK will let you read books, and computer manuals on the vax
system. The VAX USERS GUIDE is on there.

ctrl/z to get out a section of VTBOOK.

ctrl/c to get back to the $ from VTBOOK.

                 Connecting/Typing to Other Computer Users

$PHONE [username] lets you talk over the computer to someone on

$PHONE ANSWER lets you answer someone who is "phoning" you.

ctrl/z or ctrl/c will 'hang up' or 'stop ringing' a party.

$TALK [username]@[domain-name] lets you talk to another computer
user at a distant place other than WKU's vax system. Type this to
'call' or to 'answer their ringing' you.

ctrl/c to end the $TALK.

$SEND {enter key}
     to: [username]
     message: ["your-one-line-message-here"]
          This command lets you send a one line message to someone
currently logged onto vax system.

                             Printing Commands

$HANDIN lets you print programs.

$HANDIN/OFF lets you type whatever keys were press and everything
on the screen.

$HANDIN/ABORT lets you turn off the function of $HANDIN

$CHDEF [campus-printer-location] lets you print at "TCCW",
     "GRISE", "STH", and "HELM" on their big printers.

$print [filename] to print a certain file.


If your curser has problems and gets stuck below the Buffer Line, or if the
last line repeats after you move the curser--use CONTROL W to reloads the
screen. It really works!!!